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Your Guide to Buying a Property

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments that you will make in your life. There are many steps to be considered that you will want to follow in order to ensure a smooth transaction. I have created a list items below that will guide you through the process that you should follow.

Mortgage Qualification: The first step that you should take is to connect with a mortgage agent and get a pre-approval letter. A mortgage agent will provide you with an amount that a lender will approve you for borrowing. A pre-approval letter is also important to have as you will need to have ready to submit with your offer.

Location: All neighborhoods vary in real estate prices, services, taxes and schools. Be sure to consider all things like amenities and proximity to services that are part of your everyday lifestyle. Let my experience guide you as you navigate your decisions in the search process.

Type of Home: Condos, Single Families and Multifamilies are all among what you have to choose from when you are purchasing in the area. Each have their own benefits in which I can educate you about when selecting one that fits you best.

Home Inspection: A home inspection is one of the most valuable steps in a purchase. An inspector will create a report of the true home’s condition including any minor or significant repairs that are needed. This information will aid you in budgeting as well educate you about the overall condition of the home you are about to purchase.

Ask Questions: Remember to always ask many questions during the process. Questions like age of systems, why the seller is selling and proximity to nearby services are all key questions. I can always be a resource for you regarding the overall process.

Enter Contract: Once your home inspection is complete, the next step is to enter contract and execute a Purchase and Sale Agreement (P&S). Upon signing the P&S, terms will be solidified in regards to purchase price, down payment, financing commitment date as well as closing date. Be prepared to provide funds for your down payment to accompany the signing of the P&S.

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